Home Inspection Repairs & Electrical Testing

We’ll Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly

Home Inspection Repairs

Any number of issues can be found during a home inspection. While a home inspection report is not a to-do list, electrical issues found by home inspectors should not be overlooked. In fact, faulty wiring and other electrical issues are some of the most common causes of home and building fires.

Give us a call or shoot us a text for a free home inspection report walk-through. Our technician will walk through your home inspection report step by step. We will follow through with a detailed estimate outlining the price for each item to help you decide which electrical repairs to prioritize. 

Electrical Testing & Inspection

Unless something is wrong with your wiring, your electricity generally operates behind the scenes. As a society, we take for granted the modern comforts and conveniences powered by electricity. And that makes it easy to forget that the hidden wires behind the walls of our homes and businesses require maintenance and inspection to ensure safety and reliability.

Scheduling electrical system testing for your residential or commercial property can help to identify problem areas early on and help prevent devastating consequences down the line.

Some things our system testing can identify:

  • electrical mistakes done by previous DIY homeowners or contractors
  • outdated wiring
  • incorrect fuses/breakers that could lead to a fire
  • components that do not meet current safety standards
  • ways to help you save energy and reduce electrical costs