Residential & Commercial Generators

Regardless of what Mother Nature has planned, a residential or commercial generator is guaranteed to ensure peace of mind at home and at your commercial location.

Residential & Commercial standby generators are directly powered by your fuel source, whether it be natural gas or propane, providing a reliable source of electricity during any power outage. Standby generators automatically turn on in the case of a power outage, no preparation or set up is needed. Once on, standby backup generators can supply power to your entire property or customize it to power up the systems that are most important to you.

High Mountain Electric proudly installs Generac brand generators. Generac’s reliable brand has been making generators since 1959. Visit our Generator Gallery to see some of our recent installs.


Investing in a standby generator for your home will avoid the discomfort, potential household damage, and unexpected expenses that can happen when your power goes out.


Standby backup generators are an effective and important power source to have in the event of a power outage. An automatic generator could sustain your business to avoid loss of communication, data or even customers during a power outage.

Need assistance with an electrical connection for a portable generator? We take care of that, too.

Don’t feel powerless during the next power outage. Reach out today to discuss your residential or commercial generator options.